Art Around the World

Up until this point (6 weeks into my internship,) I’ve been leading daily art lessons at my camp. As part of the Community Action Network curriculum, we’ve been taking the kids around the world with our theme of “Animals Around the World.” Our weekly schedule takes us to a different continent each week, and each day we visit a country on that continent. This week we find ourselves in South America, but we have already visited the Arctic, North America, Asia, and Australia.

Above is our daily schedule, which we try to keep consistent throughout camp. However, with that being said, flexibility is key to working with kids!

This is a rain stick we made during an art lesson in South America. Rain sticks were traditionally made from cacti and small pebbles to imitate the sound of rain and conjure rain to make crops grow in many parts of South America!

My personal favorite art project so far was from the very first day of camp– Faberge Eggs! The kids had a blast painting foam imitations of the Russian heirlooms while I tried to frantically learn everyone’s name.

From Australia, we visited the Great Barrier Reef and had the kids paint their own version of the beautiful ecosystem.

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