Blog 3-Value of Diversity

Interning with the city has exposed to how much value having a diverse team has when working behind the scenes to assure that the city runs smoothly. This has been especially true within my division with the city of Highland Park. For instance, although the racial/ethnic demographics of the employees I intern under are majority black, the diversity throughout the building stems from their educational backgrounds and values. For instance, I intern under both the Community, Economic Development, and Real Estate sector where I  interact with professionals from several varying educational backgrounds/majors such as Law, economics, urban planning, computer science, and many more. However, this blend of differing majors and backgrounds has played an essential role in the overall function of the city. In addition to realizing how valuable their blend of backgrounds has been to the city’s overall flow, I have also taken some time to re-evaluate some of my identities. For example, I have become much more appreciative of my identity as a college student after seeing what conditions the residents of the city of Highland Park have been subject to. Keeping that in mind, I am now in a better position to use my identity as a college student as leverage to give back to the city and other residents that have been subject to similar conditions.

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