Blog 3: Value of Diversity

The part of my identity I am feeling in a different light throughout my internship is my identity as a young female professional.  Being a 20-year-old intern, I am treated no differently than my other colleagues.  My teammates are respectful and am I delegated to with the responsibility to accomplish what I am asked.  But, internally, it is a constant strive to make sure I am sounding professional, dressing professionally, and holding myself properly as a young professional.  While I don’t necessarily feel like a professional (I feel like a college student dying to get back to campus), that is the identity I have taken on throughout my internship, and it has been both challenging and rewarding.  As a student eager to learn and expand my horizons, my identity as a young female professional has taught me about workplace dynamics and how to get what I want…while still being polite.  However, the pull between who I am- light-hearted, silly, adventurous- and the standards I hold myself to in the workplace is somewhat relieving in a way.  I have finally realized I will (in 2 years!) be capable at living on my own! Supporting myself!  Being a real professional adult!  The opportunity to immerse myself in the professional world, although intimidating, is rewarding in its lessons.  It has granted me confidence to speak up and take initiative, and has also convinced me of my worthiness as a job candidate…and my ability to be a self-sufficient adult.  I have grown into my identity as a young female professional this summer, and I will continue to do so!

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