Blog 4: Day 1 to Week 5

I can’t believe how quickly this internship has gone by…I’m about to enter my third to last week with M&C Saatchi. Looking back on this experience as a whole, I can confidently say I’ve either accomplished or am in the processing of accomplishing some of my personal goals I mentioned Day 1.

One of my most important goals was to offer fresh ideas that will help me stand out at M&C. While I’ll admit that some of my daily tasks don’t exactly make me tick (i.e. plugging media contacts into Excel sheets), I’m definitely most excited when an invite to a brainstorm pops up on my Outlook calendar. These brainstorms reflect the kind of work I want to be doing every day when it comes time to recruit for a full time position. Sometimes it seems like the other interns are maybe a little uncomfortable speaking up and offering their opinions during these brainstorms or team meetings, but this is where I like to shine–I have no problem speaking up when an idea pops into my head, and that has helped me stand out as an intern. I can’t share the details of one of the big ideas I had for my main account, Lovehoney (a sex toy retailer…definitely more on the “entertainment” side of M&C, a sports and entertainment company), but I can share that the girl I pitched the idea to was excited about it, and included it in a slide deck being pitched to the client.

In terms of my other goal, which was to see an idea or advertisement be put into practice from start to finish, I recently had the opportunity to work at a pretty high-profile Reebok x Les Mills event for social influencers, led by the celebrity Nina Dobrev. I spent most of the day hanging out with Nina’s unreal adorable puppy Maverick, but was able to see the end result of some of the smaller tasks I was put up to in the office, like finding the social channels of each of the editors or influencers at the event. The event was a big success, and it was awesome for me to be a part of.

In terms of personal growth, I’ve definitely gotten more comfortable in expressing myself and communicating with the people who work in the office. I remember senior year of high school at my first internship, being terrified to cross paths with anyone in the office, ask questions, or express ideas. The people at M&C have made me very comfortable in my surroundings, and have enabled me to be my most confident self. While I have enjoyed my time at M&C, I’m still not sure how far I’ve come in accomplishing the personal goal of figuring out which creative industry I might want to enter out of college. I see myself leaning more towards fashion and style than sports, but I love the style side of working with M&C’s sports brands, like Reebok.



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