Blog 4: Mid-Point Check In

My goals posted in Blog 1 have still continued to be accurate in my experience!

Last week, I was sent to NYC to work out of the Salesforce office there, as well as run my event I had been working on from start to finish.  This event was was an Eataly cooking experience for marketing cloud customers and included cooking demonstrations and a hands-on pasta making class.  Overall, the event was fabulous and the customers had a great time.  As one of my main summer projects, I was in charge of selecting the customers who would be receiving invites based of opportunity reports for the NYC area.  I then scheduled when each round of invites and follow-ups would be sent out to guests, and continuously managed that until the event was at capacity.  I worked closely with my teammate, who was my mentor for the project, and our 3rd party planner, who did the administrative tasks regarding the venue and budget.  On the day of the event, I created pipeline reports that pulled data from our system to calculate the total amount of pipe in the room…a casual 40M.  This number also exceeded my goal I had personally worked on with my manager in meeting a certain ACV for an event I would be running.

The other part of my goal was to host my own event, which will be happening next week at Wrigley Field once again!  Following the same system as I had experienced last summer, I am looking forward to the Cubs game!

In assessing my performance, I feel as though I have been successful in my execution and time management skills this summer.  I have been delegated many responsibilities and have made sure to always complete them by the expected date.  I have also managed hundreds of invites being sent out and kept up to date with responses and follow-ups.  I find this to be a positive in my performance because it is extremely important to be organized in my position.  As for areas of personal growth, manager has continued to push me to take more initiative in my work, which is still something I need to work on!

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