Connections, Connections, Connections | #4

At the beginning of my internship, I had two main goals: 1) Make a professional, positive first impression by dressing appropriately (business professional), being a good communicator, and ensuring that I can be of help in any way possible, regardless of the task, and 2) Establish more individualized connections with some of my co-workers by seeking out personal insight and insider knowledge. So, here’s the progress report!

I believe I have been relatively successful in completing my first goal. On the first day, I attempted to dress as “on-brand” as possible by wearing loosely-fitting navy blue Theory pants, a Theory white silk top and low-cut silver sneakers (heels are a no-no here). Additionally, I applied a natural amount of makeup, and straightened my hair to look as professional as possible. Aside from perfecting my physical appearance, I also altered my attitude. Rather than being rigid and headstrong, I made an active attempt to be as proactive as possible in any and all situations by being bubbly and open to learning and trying new things. After feeling as though I made a strong first impression, I felt my other goals became more achievable. For example, I found that my supervisor respected me as a worker, making communicating an effortless task. With this open route of communication, asking for tasks when I had completed all of my work also became easier.

In addition to completing my first goal, I also feel as though I have made significant strides in my second goal. As mentioned in my blog post “The Value of Diversity | #3” I have made significant attempts to make connections outside of my department. As noted in said post, “In an attempt to get to know as many people as possible, I began reaching out to the public relations team to see if I could assist with anything when my supervisor, Kerre, didn’t have a task for me … What went from making small one pagers and organizing the massive sample closet soon became assisting with runway presentations to Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily and the Business of Fashion” (see the post HERE). In reaching out to individuals outside my department, I have found exactly what I was looking for– personal insight and insider knowledge in addition to a more well-rounded understanding of the different roles within the fashion industry, as well as what they entail. I feel lucky to have already had such wonderful opportunities, and look forward to continue being proactive while simultaneously learning as much as possible!  

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