Developing Friendship | #2

Every morning I go into the office and I see the team I’ve worked, learned, and come so far with over the course of this summer. It may seem comical to imagine two people programming at a single computer, but it doesn’t involve the keyboard passing or the thumb twiddling you may expect. I always knew that two heads are better than one, and never has it been clearer to me than when I feel the relief of having a fellow intern stare at the screen with me. Sometimes he’ll ask for background about some methods I’ve used; sometimes he’ll have an epiphany and type a few simple lines of overlooked logic, releasing us from segmentation fault hell. And sometimes, he’ll sit and stare and let out a long “hmmmm.” I’ll add my own “hmmmm.” And we’ll be stumped together.

Of course we wish we had fewer “hmm”s and more “aha!”s. But those shared moments of absolute bewilderment deepened my bonds with the developers around me. We discussed what we didn’t know, researched together for hours, and celebrated together when it all finally worked! And of course, we all laughed when the bugs came crawling out of the woodwork the next time we tested. And we did it over and over and over again. I can’t imagine having tackled as big projects as our websites, our servers, and our logic without the people I’ve been lucky to have around me. Now, not only do I feel confident approaching problems of a whole new magnitude, I also feel comfortable sharing a keyboard.

Sure, we grew as developers. But what’s more important were the friendships we developed along the way. We even debugged some of them!

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