Director of Programming Informational Interview

For my first interview I connected with the Director of Programming of CBS Sports Network. I was interested in connecting with this individual because his profession connects my internships from the past two summers. Last summer I worked with CBS entertainment, marketing and promotion, while this summer I work with a sports league and sales. As a result of my past experience it was very easy to talk to him. I had a solid comprehension of what he did for a living so the conversation went smoothly and I got to ask more in-depth questions because we didn’t have to start the conversation with the basics.

I always thought I needed a law degree. I thought for the programming- partnership stuff I wanted to do in the future it was strategic to have a law degree. After talking to Mr. Tressler, I found this not to be the situation. While many people in his field do have a familiarity with the law and may even have a degree in law he does not. I also learned that while there are many established long-term deals negations for pre-established programming along with new programming is always occurring. There is no slow time in this business. Mr. Tressler also informed me that the president of CBS Sports in a Michigan Alumnus. Go Blue!

After discussion with the director of programming I decided that law school is no longer a sure thing for me. Post-graduation I can feel out the field and some more experience before deciding whether to pursue law school or not. As for what I can apply to the remainder of my internship, just the idea of making continued connections with everyone I come in contact with. You never know who may help you get you where you want to be in the future.

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  • July 28, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    It sounds like you had a productive conversation! While it may be ambitious, it may be worth leveraging your U-M degree to try to connect with the President of CBS Sports!


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