Expectations of my Internship in Ann Arbor

As I sit and reflect on the expectations I had for the internship I must admit that my expectations were spot on.  I have previously worked with Dr. Katz so I was prepared for his expectations.   The only thing that really changed was the lab work protocol.  As I worked independently throughout the spring I could feel myself gain confidence in the expectations and in what it was that I was doing.     I also found that the terminology that I was personally using had grown.  I remember the day I interviewed with Dr. Katz the first time, although I did not understand many of the words he was using and his approach, I was able to see the big picture.  I had a good idea of what it was he was in search of.

As I think about surprises of the internship, I must admit that I felt that I would be sitting there forever.   I have been able to take some time and think about what I have done so far along with the next stages of the research.  Dr. Katz’s approach seemed daunting and felt like it was going to take forever to complete the first stage but with dedication and determination I accomplished my task ahead of schedule.    Dr. Katz’s approach was realistic and as I began to master the concepts explained to me in the beginning stages I could learn the importance of the research.  This for me is a big accomplishment.

My normal day at home is so much different, yet the same.  As an intern with a set a goal I could incorporate this approach at home to complete my responsibilities at home.  I set personal goals both at home and in the lab to complete my task.   I first thought about the big picture and what I needed to accomplish to stay afloat by using my time wisely.  I focused on what I had accomplished as opposed to what all needed to be completed as a percentage of a whole.  At the half way point I began to look at the remaining task as focused on what I had left to complete.  In the lab, as Dr. Katz gathered the samples of the pollinating tree species to be studied, they were left for me to systematically record the needed data.

Victoria B

Through many classes and professors at community college, I learned about a wide range of topics from College Algebra, to English, to Biology, to Art. It was not until my Junior year at the University of Michigan, that I realized one very important topic was not covered: Sustainability. Through middle school and high school, the subject of sustainability never came up. The University of Michigan has a reputation of being an institution that promotes Sustainable Practices and yet I know very little about sustainability. How will I find my place at an institution which actively participates in a practice, I know very little about? Is it because of demographics? Why do some children receive education on sustainability and others do not?

2 thoughts on “Expectations of my Internship in Ann Arbor

  • July 27, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Vicky it sounds like this has been a great internship for you! So glad you are seeing growth in your skills and understanding. Great job!

    • July 27, 2017 at 6:08 pm

      I am doing very well thank you for commenting. I got off to a very slow start however I feel I will finish strong.


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