Final Post: Connections


This internship was so useful and really taught me that I do have a passion for the hospitality industry. I knew before I started I was happy that I was really gearing away from actual restaurant jobs such as busboy and waitress titles and moving towards a larger and more business / high volume related company. What excited me the most about this company is the room to grow up in the ranks. Levy operates in over 50 stadiums throughout the United States so there is just so much opportunity within the company. Ideally I would like to make it to the corporate offices in Chicago, but first I need to take on a larger role in an actual stadium as a manager and get to know the business a bit more. In discussing with my boss, we both agreed that hospitality school is certainly not a must and that the best idea for after college would perhaps be graduate school geared towards business. I certainly will be applying for another job at Levy. Also, Compass Group owns Levy, which is a HUGE company. The experience has taught me so much about the industry and how to work in a different environment. Just as importantly, I have built connections that will last a very long time. Sadly, Michigan does not have many hospitality courses offered, so once my major and minor requirements are fulfilled I will take some business electives. Perhaps, I can even find some sort of internship that would work out while I am in school. In conclusion, I am so happy with my internship this summer and I really can see myself working for Levy for a long time coming!

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