Informational Interview #1

In my first informational interview, I sat down with my supervisor and asked her questions about her experience at the company in order to gain additional insight into her specific job position and day-to- day responsibilities. My questions for her focused on how she got her start at this record label. I was curious to see the steps she took and what personal factors lead to her career in the music industry. She and I discussed her everyday tasks in her role to see if they were the type of things I would be interested in doing in my near future.

Her road to success was inspiring. She informed me that she, too, was once an intern at the label, in the same position that I am today. She told me that after her first year as an intern she applied once more and spent another summer here, again interning, before receiving her full time job offer. This information was comforting because it reminded me that everyone starts at the bottom before they can work their way up.

A very useful takeaway from our meeting is her advice to stay connected with not only her but other employees in various departments after the internship is over. She instructed me to network as much as possible while I’m here in order to become well-known at the company. The goal is that when I apply here one day, someone will recognize me and hopefully speak on my behalf to recommend me for a job. This is something I will definitely take into account as my internship progresses. I will try to make as many connections as possible in order to make the most of my time here, learn from the extremely knowledgeable and accomplished people who work here, and hopefully have the same happy-ending as my supervisor.

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  • July 27, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Jessica, glad to hear you found value in the informational interview. While they can be uncomfortable to set up, in practice, they are easy ways to differentiate yourself!


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