Informational Interview #2

The Live Nation internship program coordinator set up weekly meetings over the course of the summer to try and familiarize the interns with all the different parts of the company.  One of the people we got to hear from was the Vice President of Touring, a young woman in her early thirties who exemplified all the characteristics of a natural leader who has quickly risen to the top.  Inspired by her sense of humor, ability to overcome her male counterparts and manage fifteen different projects at once, I wanted to get a better sense of what her actual job entailed and show she was.  After the talk, I reached out to Tara and introduced myself, mentioning how some of the things she said really resonated with me and how I would love to set up a time to talk more in depth about what she does here at Live Nation.  I got a response back from her within the hour and we then set up a time to talk one-on-one.  My informational interview with her went seamlessly.  She explained to me that being a booker in the music industry is a job that primarily entails just dealing with people.  No two days are the same for Tara, and she explained how one day she will be mapping out tour dates at different venues for an artist where other days she will be planning a pool party for a band’s day off.  She explained how her job entails an analytical and strategic mindset but also requires one to be outgoing, proactive and tough. Tara had started out as a runner for the Live Nation office in Detroit and even offered to put me in contact with the Detroit office so that I can potentially follow in her footsteps when I get back to school.  After getting a better sense of what being a successful tour booker requires, I felt excited at the possible career opportunity because I loved the spontaneity and diverse tasks her everyday job entails. I would love nothing more than to some day follow in Tara’s footsteps, and we have been in contact ever since.

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