Informational Interview 2

While in New York City last week, I met teammate after teammate located out of the NYC office.  While I loved getting to know these other woman and hear about their past experiences and how they got to where they are, the person that stood out to me was in a field I have absolutely no interest in pursuing: sales.  However, the reason I felt as though I connected to this person was the advice he gave to me.

I know I am interested in marketing and I know it is a field I totally see myself pursuing in the future.  This man made me question it.  Not entirely question it.  But made me think about why I want to do it and how I know I want to do it- two questions that I don’t entirely know the answer to.  While he wasn’t trying to dissuade me from the marketing path, he was trying to make me realize that to meet my potential and expand my skill set, I need to embrace other areas of business.  His suggestion?  Do finance next summer.  While finance is something that would probably go over my head entirely, the advice did make me realize the importance of having many different experiences.  I’ve had my field marketing position at Salesforce for two years now and while I love it, I am ready to venture into an other organization, another field.  While I don’t see that being finance, I’m open to the idea.

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