Informational Interview One




My informational interview was certainly useful and a fun experience. I interviewed the Catering Manager here at the StubHub Center, who controls the stadium club and catering events that take place. This is usually the high profile guests that visit the stadium for an event or rent it out. The main piece of advice I took out of the interview was that hard work will go far. Preparation is the most important part about having a successful stadium club and catering event. This goes along with great communication with not only the executive chef, but additionally the staff here. According to her, “the hardest part about my job is supervising so many employees, all while making sure guests are pleased. Also, the fact that this is a union workplace provides us with some challenges that other companies do not have to deal with.” I connected with her because she is extremely kind and I usually work beside her in an office. She also had me run a catering event for Manchester United, which was an awesome challenge. Additionally, she reiterated that experience is key, and to get far in this company you have to start from the bottom and just keep going.  In regards to how I will apply this advice to my future career pursuits, I will make sure that I know what I am getting into if I want to be a catering manager. It certainly is not an easy job. Furthermore, I will make sure that I figure out a great system to supervise so many things going on at once. I know now, that for the remainder of my internship, I will make sure that she knows I am here to help especially with so much going on with the Charger’s coming in and all their needs.

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  • July 31, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    How cool – Not too many people can walk away from an internship saying that they ran an event for a club as prestigious as ManU!


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