Informational Interview Two


For my second informational interview I spoke with the Director of Operations at the Staples Center. I was able to connect with him while he was supporting our team at the StubHub Center and found a time to meet for lunch to interview him. I connected with this person because this is a great job to have with Levy and additionally I wanted to see how he handled so many events going on in one place. Essentially he controls all the food and beverage operations at Staples Center and The Microsoft Theater. Moreover, I learned that a large part of being a Director of Operations has to do with every spectrum of the business from catering to suites to concessions. He said, “I oversee large projects that need to be done, such as the health department or a new concession concept. It is my job to make sure everything is going smoothly. The hardest part of my job is time management. But, to make sure I have time to myself I use my calendar on outlook for absolutely everything and block off time for myself.” This is certainly something I took away from him, as when I am so busy it would be great to have a more organized calendar both for myself and coworkers (if they have access to it). Additionally, this job is really something I would want to do. It is how I will know I have made it in Levy and will open up doors for me in the future. He said that a large part of his job has to do with finance and therefore I will think about going to graduate business school. Overall, a very important interview towards my future.

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