Internship Reflection

How has your internship influenced your (near) future (school, career, or personal plans)?

As my last weeks here in Washington are coming to an end, I am taking a lot of time to reflect on my near future goals and plans and how this internship has had an impact on this reflection.  I am so thankful for my experience at TNC because it has definitely opened my eyes up to what I want to pursue after university. For my internship, I am a part of the Development department and work on the Foundations Relations Team.  I enjoy this type of work and I am learning so much about non-profit organizations and foundations each day.  However, I think I want to focus more on the relationships between corporations and non-profit.  Here at TNC, this department is called Corporate Engagement.  I have met with numerous people in this department and feel that I will find it most interesting and engaging.

The next steps I am thinking about is of course, applying to jobs in this field of work.  Most CSR and corporate consulting jobs fall under large consulting firms, such as Deloitte or Accenture.  I have no idea if I would enjoy working in large companies such as these, but I would get incredible training experience.  The other two sectors for these jobs are non-profit, or small, sustainability focused consulting firms. Before I begin to apply to jobs, it is crucial that I figure out which job type I would enjoy most. I plan to reflect more on my time in the non-profit sector and seek out individuals who have had jobs in each environment.  While it is a stressful time figuring out my future, it is also very exciting because I am so young and have countless years to figure out what I like and do not like.

Overall, I have loved working in the non-profit sector and could see myself enjoying a job in the corporate engagement field long term. It would be incredible if opportunities at TNC opened up around the time I am applying for jobs, but who knows! Guess I will have to wait and see…


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