Journal #8

In the first journal I did for IES, I explained that the goal of this internship was to see if I was interested in working in the more administrative sphere of education that the Fulbright encompasses. So, I was extremely interested to see, after eight weeks, whether or not my perspective on education would change. This was interesting for me because I have always said, since I was a little girl, that when I grow up I want to be a teacher in a developing country. Pretty specific for a middle-schooler.

So, this internship with the Fulbright was meant to give me that chance to see what I thought about a career on the more administrative side of education and to see what I thought about the international lifestyle. I think the verdict is still out on the first one. I have realized that their are things I enjoy about office life, like all the wonderful people and projects, and things that I am not the biggest proponent of, like sitting behind a desk all day. However, I have so much respect for the Fulbright and their ideals and I will go into an education career with some amazing work experience with a phenomenal company.

As far as the second one, I got the outcome I hoped for. I have traveled quite a bit in my life, but I have never been dropped off in a foreign country and told, “see ya in a few months!” Now, it is hard to believe that this is my last journal during my last week of my time in London. I have always ran by the idea where one should not get too attached to one place because there are so many to see. I still do believe that 100%. But I never, ever expected to get so attached to London, England. There is something new everyday, whether in the workplace or on the streets, and I really surprised myself by loving it so much.This summer absolutely flew by, and it was a whirlwind of different people, new cultures, so many adventures both in and out of London. And as much as I am not ready to leave and head back to little-old Brighton, Michigan; it is also time to go home. Lucky me, I get to go home with so many fond memories and experience to brag about.


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