Memorable Experiences, Good and Bad… | #4

So far, so GREAT! As an intern in Shanghai, I think my favorite experience would have to be working with my Chinese colleague and chilling with them during lunch break. They are all much older than me and have lots of stories and experiences to share. Most of the people from my department have a deep-interest in traveling abroad, so I think I was naturally drawn in by their stories abroad.

Lotus Seeds – One of my colleague grows them. You eat the seeds. They are pretty good, having the same crunchiness as a peanut.

They are all very kind people. I think they are all naturally close to one another because it is a relatively small company. I find them very approachable and interesting to talk to.

People usually get delivery as delivery is cheap, convenient, and fast. They order ahead of time on an app on their phones and it arrives around the beginning of lunch time right outside our door on the 12th floor. However, I usually go downstairs with a couple of my colleagues for lunch. The ground floor of the business complex is filled with restaurants, cafes, and convenient shops. I pretty much try something new every day.

Also, food in China is cheaper than the states. I can get a decent meal for half the price that I would pay in the states for the same thing. Shanghai is a pretty international city so I can find cuisines of all types here fairly easy. However, in Fuzhou, where my parents are from, finding international cuisines is not an easy feat.

Below are some of the delicious food I had while I was in Shanghai…

Three things I still can not get used to… 1) The number of people in Shanghai – I don’t think I can go to work every day for the rest of my life being pushed in, within, and out of the subway in the morning going to work.

Umbrellas Everywhere

2) The heat – It has been 97~105 degrees Fahrenheit almost every day. It was actually cool in May, but the June – July summer is unbearable (I think I am missing the Michigan weather a bit). Even Shanghai people think it is unbearable. I thought it was just me at first…

3) The umbrellas – Almost every woman have umbrellas to block the sun rays when they are out on the streets. However, this poses a serious pedestrian traffic issue as they block people from walking past those who are very slow. The side walk would typically accommodate four people side-by-side at a time; now can only accommodate 2 at most.


I love Shanghai and appreciate their culture, convenient transportation modes, and cheap delivery, but, if I had the choice, I don’t think I can live the rest of my life here 🙁

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  • July 27, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    It’s great that a small company allows you to bond with your coworkers rather than getting lost in the shuffle, and that you are able to try out a new city instead of a more permanent move like getting a full-time job. Have fun eating your way through Shanghai!


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