Mid Point Goal Evaluation | Blog #4

Like most other interns, I have been spending a large amount of time on excel. whether I am doing due diligence work, research, or building models, my work is dependent on my ability to use the various different tools in excel. While I am decent at excel, a goal of mine is to not only become more familiar with the functionality, but also become more efficient in my work. There have been times when more experienced co workers have come to do something in excel, and they do not even need to touch the mouse while using a myriad of shortcuts. I want to master this skill because I know how important it is in essentially every job that I will look at. My original goal was to be able to better understand financial models in excel, and now this goal has developed into becoming better versed in excel to help me build models (or perform other excel work) faster. Before my Internship next year, I want to take an excel class whether it be online or at Michigan. The more comfortable I am with excel, the more productive I can be for an employer. Another goal of mine is to be more informed when it comes to industry news and industry trends. My goal is to go into the tech or financial world (or a combination of the two) when coming out of Michigan. I have purchased a subscription to the economist as well as the NY Times and have been actively reading the financial and tech sections as well as diving into other industries that interest me. Understanding and recognizing industry trends allows one to take their work to the next level and make profound inferences that can contribute to higher level decisions. I am going to continue reading these throughout the school year.

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