Quill Cares | #2

One of the biggest surprises of my summer is how important company culture is to making a workplace run well.  Having happy employees who enjoy their work fosters an environment where better work gets done.  While it is easy to read articles and studies about these ideas of workplace culture, it is a whole different experience to see it in action.  The people at Quill put significant work into making sure that employees not only enjoy what they are doing, but also feel cared about.  Working at Quill does not feel like working in a classic corporate environment, it feels like working with a group of friends or family. This culture lets ideas flow more freely. Nobody is afraid to talk to one another or go and ask a question or get somebody’s help.  This culture made it easy to adjust to working at Quill, and has made it enjoyable for me from day one.  I was immediately brought into the Quill “family” and it has made it so easy to learn and grow throughout my time here.  It feels like every day somebody new is coming to me to ask me how I am doing or if I enjoy working here.  This element of caring persists throughout the company, and makes it enjoyable to work at Quill.  I feel like Quill cares about me, and that makes me care.

This element of caring really carries over to the work that people do at Quill.  It is evident that employees here are dedicated to their work and care about what they are doing.  Everybody is on the same page when it comes to moving things forward and helping Quill grow.  Quill runs a program called Quill Ideas that is made to encourage customers and employees to share ideas of what would make their life better when shopping with Quill.  Already, 37 of these ideas have been implemented to make customers and employees feel like they have an impact.  Quill also allows employees to go in front of leadership and pitch any ideas that they might have in a formal setting.  These opportunities make employees feel like they are having and impact, and not like they are slipping through the cracks like many workers feel across the country today. Working for a company that not only cares about what you think, but also how you feel makes it a lot easier to care about the company and the work you are doing.  It makes employees want to give their all to help the company grow.  This caring culture that has been grown at Quill makes people enjoy working here and the positive impact that it has on employees and the work being done really has surprised me throughout my internship.

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