Reflecting On My Internship | #5

Prompt: When you finish your internship, take a moment to reflect on the impact of the experience.

In reflection, this internship was an excellent learning experience for me, on multiple levels. I think that my internship taught me vital skills that I can use both generally in professional work and specifically in political work.


First, this internship familiarized me with and introduced me to basic political work. I now know the basics of what this kind of work, ranging from fundraising and research to communications, entails and what the average day of someone working in this sector of the political sphere is like. I have used software and programs dedicated to political operations while also learning how to read and write research on news and press releases. These specific skills will be useful if I decide to pursue a career in politics.


I also gained more general skills. I learned about working in a professional office environment. I had never worked in an office before, so this was definitely a formative experience. For example, I was educated on the different standards and practices of a professional workplace. This type of knowledge will be useful in almost any profession I enter.


Finally, I have benefitted from the connections I have made during my internship, both with my fellow interns and my coworkers. The other interns have helped me learn when we have worked together on projects while my coworkers have taught me with their vast experience and by assigning me projects to work on.


I think the knowledge and skills this internship has left me with will help me in my future career and my life in general. Even if I choose not to work in the political realm, I will still, I feel, use the skills I have built here every day.

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