Reflections Halfway Through My internship

Halfway Through My Internship

Halfway through my internship I decided it was important to reflect on what I had learned up until that point and I decided to share the story of my first mess up while in Dr. Katz’s lab. The mess up happened the very first. I was trying to prevent any mishaps and I wanted to be very thorough and extremely attentive to the accuracy in the numbers for the collection of the date. However, without thinking about what I was doing I managed to count all the samples collected of the trees species totally messing up the research. I was supposed to count random anthers but instead I counted all of them.
I felt that I was doing something wrong which was the reason for counting all the samples but in doing so I mess up the randomness of the research. I shared with Dr. Katz what I had done later that day when we reviewed what I had accomplished that first day and he explained why it could not be done in that manner. I explained I was unsure of how much of the data I need to record and knew if I had not written down the information, the information would be lost and I did not want to be the cause of screwing up his important research.
I learned something that day about my developing identity as a researcher. I am growing and learning what it takes to become ethical. In the past, I would not have been as honest about the development of the problem I created by not asking questions. I now see the importance of critically thinking. The mentoring of Dr. Katz has helped me to realize this in a systematic manner and by planning and through critically thinking, the integrity of the project won’t be compromised. I can’t think of a better example to share. I feel by sharing my first day mishap, others can learn the importance of keeping the integrity of a project intact.

Victoria B

Through many classes and professors at community college, I learned about a wide range of topics from College Algebra, to English, to Biology, to Art. It was not until my Junior year at the University of Michigan, that I realized one very important topic was not covered: Sustainability. Through middle school and high school, the subject of sustainability never came up. The University of Michigan has a reputation of being an institution that promotes Sustainable Practices and yet I know very little about sustainability. How will I find my place at an institution which actively participates in a practice, I know very little about? Is it because of demographics? Why do some children receive education on sustainability and others do not?

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