The Intern Project at my Internship | #4

One of the best things about my internship is that the interns have a project they are required to work on and then present to a group of executives at the end of the program. Although brainstorming ideas, doing research and working on the actual project can be a pain in the butt when you have to coordinate the schedules of five to six different interns, who all work in different departments, as well as the schedules of the intern advisors who are usually busy with meetings, the intern project has been a blessing in disguise for me because it has given me the opportunity to get to know the other interns better, learn about their departments and their work, as well as give us the opportunity to work hands-on on a project that can actually be implemented by the company.

The intern project divides the intern class into groups of five or six where each group is required to develop a marketing campaign/strategy that will help to solve a “problem” within the company. While this may sound like something to just keep the interns occupied when they’re not busy with work, I’ve come to learn how useful this project is because it requires all of us to go beyond what we’re comfortable with in our departments and learn from others across the enterprise. Not only that, we have to present our project in front of a panel of judges, consisting of top executives at the company, and pitch our idea to them and if they like it, the idea can actually snowball into reality.

While this intern project is such a great opportunity to add more tools to the belt and gain varied experience, I’m also grateful for the fact that it has enabled me to get to know my peers. Since I work in a special department and I often commute between the headquarters in Long Island and the office in NYC, it’s been harder for me to interact with the other interns because I’m often pulled activities where the interns can bond. Also, since I work in the executive department, I only interact with those in senior positions and I rarely have the opportunity to engage with the rest of the interns. However, with the project, I have at least an hour and a half each week to get to know the interns in my group and talk about the different projects we do, where each of us go to school and what we’ve done on the weekends. This is very important because often times, I get overwhelmed by the interactions with such high level people at the company and it’s relaxing when I can decompress with my peers.

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