The Value of Diversity

As my summer internship continues I’m beginning to see parts of my identity being complimented by the community I am now a part of. As a lover of music, I’m so happy to be surrounded by so many other people who share the same interests. Working at Atlantic records has exposed me to new artists and musical genres I never thought I would enjoy. I find myself following bands on Spotify that I didn’t even know existed before I started my internship. This job has given me a more dynamic musical perspective which I am highly appreciative of.

Another thing that has generated thoughts about personal thoughts about identity throughout this experience is the fact that the International department in which I work is predominantly female. The business world, as it seems, is dominated by male figures, but that patriarchal presence is not found here. Watching the hard work that goes on each and every day by such intelligent, dedicated women is inspiring.

The dynamic of this work place is so comfortable and easy and being around these women makes coming to work every day such a pleasure. The team spirit is something I love most about this experience. Music is such a unifying part of society, and so it only makes sense that the business consists of a very close-knit community where everyone seems to know everyone.

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