Blog 1: Goals

I hope to accomplish being able to deal exceptionally well with clients and being friendly to new people I meet. I believe it’s very important to be a friendly person because people like to be around you. It’s important to make a lasting impression with your coworkers and clients you meet because you never know when you’ll see someone again later in life. From the article Making Most of Your Internship I liked the second point with creating an immediate and lasting strong impression. It’s important to me to look professional and to show up on time. Also, I will be evaluated every single day and I want to make the best impression.

The part that I hope to gain is learning about the financial world and primarily the stock market. I know how important it is to invest your money and to have a retirement plan for the future. Even if I don’t eventually go into financial advising it will be beneficial for myself to know how to invest money. From the article I like the twelfth point about Leaving with Tangible Accomplishments. I already know I’m going to network a lot with this internship, but I still have the benefit of being able to learn a lot about the industry.

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