Blog 2: Work Culture

Work Culture to me means to me the environment of the workplace and how coworkers interact with each other. Obviously it’s very important to have good culture and chemistry. There can be issues that develop when coworkers don’t get along, which will usually lead to someone getting fired. In my work culture everyone seems secluded to give the feel of everyone working on their own task. However, the office is small enough to easily communicate with each other when need be. The office gives off a friendly and safe culture as well because we have clients coming in for appointments. Work culture to my employer is being able to have a good positive culture around the office. My boss likes to keep the office clean and each of us have responsibilities to make sure it stays clean. His main reasoning behind keeping it clean is because clients are coming in every day, but it is also nice to have a clean office and workspace. Elements that are important to my growth as an individual is understanding that everyone is different. For a good work culture everyone needs to get along and sometimes it’s hard when some people are so different from each other. For me this will be good to work on in the future to become better with dealing with different kinds of people.

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