Blog 3 – Challenges

This past week has brought about some unexpected challenges. I mentioned before I was working to plan an event that would take place in a few weeks. After sending the invitations, we did not get the response we were hoping for. Only a handful of people responded with interest and it became clear that we needed to make adjustments to the event. We decided that we should postpone the event and open it to a larger age group to try and get a better response. We also were able to take on the costs so that ticket prices would not hinder people from being able to come. While it seems like we made the right call, I am disappointed because I will already be headed back to Ann Arbor by the time of the newly agreed upon date. I am sad I won’t be intimately involved in the event but this experience has taught me a lot about the process of planning events.

On the bright side today I was given the task of calling families that were in the foundation’s database to invite them to a family picnic that will be held in a few weekends. I was very nervous at first to call strangers but I ended up really enjoying the process. While I did get a lot of answering machines, many of the people that did answer were extremely excited and happy to hear from me. This helped me realize the value of taking the time to call people because it shows a deep level of interest in the other person. I enjoyed talking to the families and I hope that there is a good turnout for the event because of some of my conversations.

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