Blog 3: Value of Diversity

The diversity within my internship has been interesting but not too extreme. My experience has been working with mostly middle aged to older coworkers. This has been new to me as I’m used to working with people my own age in the classroom and as my teammates. This difference of ages has been fine as there haven’t been any issues. The diversity is that I have different interests as them and are just wired differently. A couple of my coworkers are soon to retire and were asking for my help quite a bit with their computer systems. I didn’t mind as they were both very nice, but the task for what they needed to do seemed weird to me that they needed help. Also, it was interesting to me as most of my coworkers had families with children but I’m still a college student. Another part in regards to diversity that was brought up has been meeting different clients. The clients have ranged from young to old and all different races. I’m used to dealing with different ethnicities as my team comes from a lot of different backgrounds, but it is different when they are older than you. I just made sure to pay them respect and made sure that I didn’t say anything to offend them.

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