Blog #5 – The Proposal…

One of my biggest challenges so far has been writing this specific long-form proposal. I have always excelled at summarizing long writing into a couple sentences and struggled at extended short writing with flowery, formal language. At this point, I was almost three weeks into the internship. Meaning, I had established my footing and felt as though I was starting to understand the workload.

This was a proposal to a company that had reached out to Mission Measurement through a referral for MM’s services. I was tasked with drawing up a proposal to send to the company to formalize and clarify what they could expect from us if they decided to partner with us. I was told to keep the document broad yet specific enough so that it is catered to the company. This was a little confusing for me to grasp at the start of the task.

I spent an entire day (about seven hours of work) on this proposal. I struggled early to find the correct language and referred back to my supervisor for that project multiple times. About halfway through the day, I could tell how much I was struggling and it was getting to me. I started to get frustrated with my incompetence. I continually had to check-in with the supervisor as the relationship started to feel as though he was teaching me, instead of me working alongside with him. Ultimately, at the end of the day, I sent over what I had accomplished, the one page proposal that I had rewritten at least ten times. I barely completed one page in seven hours! To top it all off, the final proposal that was sent to the company was drastically different from my version.

I recognize how much I struggled with this and have been reading more long-form documents since to try to familiarize myself with some of the lingo. I believe I will have another opportunity at some point during the internship to redeem myself with a proposal and hopefully I’ll be ready.

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