Connecting my studies to my academic exploration #6

Being that my internship experience is nearing the end, I have definitely developed a clearer vision of where/what I would like to be doing when I’m older. I can confidently say that my internship in Public Relations further established my interests in this particular field, as well as specified my talents in the industry. There are many aspects of my internship that excited me this summer, particularly being able to write pitches. I have always been very inspired by publicists as well as creative bloggers. Throughout my internship experience, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to draft a series of pitches reflecting some of my company’s biggest clients. After doing so, I was able to use my discretion to create a list of editors to send these pitches to, with the goal of having the editor pick up on the pitch. I loved being able to write these pitches because I was able to use my imagination and add in my creative, expressive edge.  There were also some aspects of my internship that led me to realize I need further assistance and development in order to achieve success in the long run in this particular field. I have been able to identify these aspects and get more practice on these specified tasks, such as: dominating the Cision database in order to create the perfect media list. With everything, though, practice makes perfect. Throughout my remaining years at the University of Michigan, I will be sure to take more classes in Public Relations, as well as attend seminars, join clubs and network in this particular field. Next summer I will be sure to intern at another Public Relations agency, as well, to gain experience in different companies, yet still remain within the Public Relations field. My internship this summer at JONESWORKS pr solidified my interest in this particular industry and helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses within! 

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