Enjoying DC | #3

I have lived in Maryland in a house about 9 minutes from Washington DC for about 7 years of my life. Yet, it feels like this summer is the first time I’m actually experiencing this city. Since the other interns I work with are from Michigan, one of our co-workers has taken it upon himself to give us advice on all the places to check out while we’re in the city. Because of him and my friends at work I have been able to attend so many events on the Hill, at the Newseum, and even at the Department of Health and Human Services. On top of that, I’ve enjoys so many different food options that I wouldn’t have normally experienced. Some of my favorites include Teaism, Dolcezza, Corner Bakery, and of course Shake Shack. Another staple of our week has been getting mint and sage lemonade at the White House farmers market on Thursdays, I highly recommend it. Along with all the food, I have been exposed to so many organizations that are based in DC that I was unaware of before this experience. Going to DC five days a week and actually spending time in the city really made me comfortable with possibly working there in the future. I appreciate this experience because I will be better prepared for other positions and opportunities that may bring me back to DC.

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