Favorite Experience | #3

My favorite experience of my internship experience has defiantly been getting to work with my research partner. She is such a great person and I’ve really connected and learned a lot from her. We have done interviews all over the state of Michigan going as far as Grand Valley so we have been in the car for many hours together. I’ve gotten to learn about her life which is really inspiring because she is an older student with a daughter. I’ve gotten to hear about her journey to return to school. Hearing her story has made me value and appreciate my experience at this university so much more because I don’t have someone else to look after and I get to finish school with so much of my life still ahead of me. I’ve really enjoyed getting to learn from someone who’s story is so much different than my own.

My research partner and I also work very well on our project together and I couldn’t imagine doing this research without her. We have been conducting interviews together so it’s great to be able to do them with another person to bounce ideas off of. It’s also been a great experience to be able to reflect about our experience together.

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