Girlboss #2

A week before I left to come to New York, I got an email from my internship program, CLIP, saying that I was chosen to participate in a pilot program they were calling “Girlboss.” Based on my interests, I would be set up with a successful, non-profit professional woman in the New York area and every Wednesday, I was to attend seminars about being a woman in the workplace with a small cohort of women in my program. I was really honored and excited to be a part of this new, forward-thinking program but I could not have anticipated the impact this program would have on my summer.

To be honest, since I’ve been in college and have had to think deeply about my future and my career path, I have been scared of the time when I will enter the workforce as a woman. I don’t have many powerful, working women in my life to look up to and I have heard countless stories about gender discrimination in the workplace and about how basically, as a working woman, I’m screwed.

So you can see how I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic to leave the comfort of my job at Jewish summer camp to be a small girl in a big city and work my first 9-5 job. But through Girlboss, I have had the opportunity to meet with and have real, raw conversations with some of the most inspiring women in New York City. Through my Wednesday seminars, I have learned how to negotiate a salary, how to have men as allies, how to organize other women around issues that matter, and how to advocate for myself and be confident and unapologetic of who I am and what I bring to the table. Through my time here, I can confidently and unapologetically say that I have truly become a Girlboss.

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