Here I go Again

I’m sitting here in the airport in Taipei, Taiwan fresh off a plane from Tokyo Japan on my way to New York City. Oh the places I will go. Jeremy Lin, a veteran player for the Brooklyn Nets has roots in Taiwan, he invited another Brooklyn Nets player and former Michigan Wolverine, Caris LeVert. They hosted a basketball camp for about 60 kids from different places around Taiwan and man was that something to see. Specifically in Caris’s case there was a language barrier but he was still able to connect with the fans and the players. The fans there were crazy, in a good way, no matter where those two went the fans followed. I had the pleasure of documenting most of that trip and some of his trip to Tokyo, Japan. I also enjoyed the opportunity to see Taiwan and Japan, which was huge for me because I had never been to that part of the world. I got a chance to see things one can only see in movies the 17 hours of traveling was worth it for sure!

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