I would say one of the top challenges I have faced while being abroad is overcoming homesickness.

I was pretty homesick honestly for the first month and was honestly inseparable from my phone. I would say I am still partially inseparable from my phone, but I no longer face time friends for hours on end every day. I’m in a program with about 35 other interns and we all live together so I’m pretty sure I was well known for skyping constantly near a cafe with free wifi that could be used from entrance of our accommodation everyday. I think I assumed I would be so excited to venture out in Sydney that I would never even glance at my phone. Well it is Australia’a winter and it gets extremely dark between 4 and 5 p.m. and being in a different country I really didn’t want to venture out also since I had yet to figure out how to receive data to use on the go (international data plans through my phone plan was expensive).  Once I made some friends with my roommates I became a little less homesick, but once I really started exploring Sydney in general is when I really overcame or at least managed most of my homesickness.


I believe making the most of my weekends and trying to be proactive with people in my program, is the best way to get over being homesick. Sometimes during the week I forced myself to get out of my apartment and enjoy the company of peers within my program. Once I become more comfortable exploring Sydney on my own and with other peers is when I think I will fully over come being homesick. I also believe engaging more with coworkers will additionally help me overcome my homesickness.

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  • August 1, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Thank you Ivory for sharing what you’ve learned regarding homesickness…I know your suggestions will help someone else going through the same thing!


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