Informational Interview 1

For my first interview I interviewed a Real Estate Analyst at IMT Capital. He works at the office in San Diego, which he really enjoys. Over the course of last year this field of work has really interested me because there is such a need for it. I’ve had many people I know do internships in this line of work and we’ve discussed how much they have enjoyed it. My friend I interviewed was in a finance job that he didn’t enjoy and started to study for the CFA. While studying he was drawn to the real estate portion and decided that was what he wanted to do. He looked at the IMT Capital’s website and noticed there was a former football player from Harvard that he had known from also playing. His past teammate recommended him to the recruiter even before applying. I asked what previous jobs/internships helped him to get to where he is now. He spent 8 months working at a private equity real estate fund and this was when he decided this was what he wanted to do.

After this interview I reflected on how we have similar backgrounds and goals. We both played football and were in love with the sport, but we both had great focus on school and future jobs. I know I want to go into finance of some sort and private equity real estate keeps becoming more and more intriguing.

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