Informational Interview 1

Getting an opportunity like a summer internship has many different amazing benefits. The most important one that I think many would agree with is the opportunity to make as many connections as possible. The people you work with have been in the work force for a while and they have connections who have connections and so on. The key with making connections is being able to get your name out there so when it comes time to get a job, people remember you. While thinking about this task of an informational interview I thought this was the perfect opportunity to connect and ask as many questions as I wanted to do. I interviewed a woman who is new to the work force because I wanted to ask questions that would be most relevant to my life within the next two years. She is in marketing at the company I am interning for and graduated from U Mich (GO BLUE). One of the questions that I asked was “Did specific courses you took at undergrad prepare you for the work you do now?” Her answer surprised me. She responded that nothing prepares you for work more than being thrown in the pool and learning to swim on your own. Her answer got me thinking. No matter how prepared you are, classes you have taken, studying you have done on the job that you want, the most important thing is to experiment and learn from real life experience so that you actually become comfortable with the field you work in. I think that by interning at a variety of different places before choosing your career path will be the most beneficial in the long run because that way you can learn, fail, and succeed!

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