Informational Interview #1

For my first informational interview I thought it would be best to interview someone with similar background as me, who also works at my company to ensure I can create a strong connection within the corporation. Before interviewing them I asked when it would be best to talk for about 30-45 minutes. This woman, was actually an alumni of the University of Michigan who pursued a communications degree like myself. Her background really excited me, making me even more optimistic that I can also work toward a career in entertainment and sports marketing.

During my interview I asked her about what types of internships she worked at during her undergraduate years, and what she did to ensure she took advantage of all the opportunities at these jobs. Not only did I ask her questions about her background, but also wanted to gain some guidance and take away advice from my time talking with her. She gave me three pieces of advice to take away with me:

  • Always have a goal set, and whenever you reach that goal create a new one
  • Market yourself in a way that makes you the best fit candidate, even if you are not completely experienced. Market yourself based on your own skill set and highlight those skills or achievements
  • Work somewhere you are happy and comfortable, so you can gain the full experience and learn.

Overall my time interviewing this person was very rewarding, and I feel as though I created a new connection with someone.

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