Informational Interview #1

For my first informational interview, I connected to M, who works in the same company and has the same job title as I did. I met her during an affinity group event for women employees. In the casual conversation, I was interested in the fact that she had a lot of experience on working with customers, and I was struggled with communicating with customers at that time. Therefore, I sent her a formal invitation for an informational interview right after the event.

I focused on learning about her experience on serving customer and adapting to company culture. Here are some useful advices M gave:

  • Do not be afraid to voice concerns to the customer and push back on requests that might be unsustainable in the long term
  • Balance customer satisfaction with organizational goals
  • Explore the company as much as I could, and try to talk to people from different teams

All these advices are closely related to my intern project. I learned to not take customers’ requirement for granted, and discuss with experienced employees to get the best plan for the customers before the implementation.  I tried to listen carefully to each voice and balance between the voices. M invited me to some company events that would help me dig deeper into the company culture. I really enjoyed all these events, and learned a lot from the conversation with people working in different area in the company. I’m really thankful for M’s advice, which help me finish my internship more successfully.

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