Informational Interview #2

I did my second informational interview with X, who is a software engineer in China. I hope to go back to my home country in the future, so I always want to hear the experience as a software engineer in China. X is my mom’s colleagues’ daughter, who is currently a programmer in a company in my hometown. And she wanted to improve her coding skill by achieving a master degree in the United State. Since she had no experience for studying aboard, her mom asked my mom for some help. Anyway, through this long relationship, I got connected to her. I was interested in her working experience, and she was interested my experience in the State.

X told me about the average workload and working style as a programmer in China. I felt that the workload is much higher than the company where I did internship, so I asked her whether she felt stressed under this working environment. X gave a very honest answer: It’s not an easy job, and sometimes she did feel overwhelmed by the project deadline or some emergency. However, the feeling of satisfaction after the project complete always motivated her. I was touched that she already converted her work into her passion, which helped her overcame the exhaustion and stress. I’m still a little lack of my passion towards my work, and I realize that this might be the reason that I’m not good at tolerant stress at work. Even though I don’t know how to increase my passion, but I will try to be more motivated, just like X did.

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