It’s Always Sunny in Tirana – Blog Post #3

Except when it’s not.


Yesterday was the first time that it rained since I arrived in Tirana, the capitol city of Albania, over one month ago. Walking to work in the rain was a bit of a nuisance, especially with the already crazy Albanian drivers out and about on the wet road. But in a weird way, it was comforting–it reminded me of rainy days in Michigan, for which I’m surprisingly finding myself a little homesick. My adventures in Albania are fun, no doubt, and I’ve made memories to last a lifetime, but I’m definitely missing my family and friends back home. And American snacks. Oh, the snacks. What I would give for some kale chips right now, guys.


My boss at the National Coastline Agency of Albania has been MIA for the past few weeks, because he’s doing press work, interviews, and heading a volunteer group from the Czech Republic in a cleanup effort in the mountains of southern Albania. So, my fellow intern and I have been trying our best to find things to do for work—right now we’re drafting a grant that would go towards funding the eco-tourism industry in southern Albania. There’s actually a sizeable up-and-coming market for eco-tourism ventures in Albania, mostly due to its beautiful, and un-inhabited, rustic landscapes.


That’s my quick update for y’all. I hope everyone’s summer is going well… And just so you know… ONLY 37 DAYS UNTIL KICKOFF!!!! GO BLUE!!

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