Learning to Work as a Team | #3

Learning to work as a team is one of the most crucial abilities to have in the working world. As my internship continues, I see that teamwork is more than just work you collaboratively do. It is the workplace environment, it is the difference between feeling supported and unsupported, it is caring about one another and respecting different thoughts as well as learning to give new ideas a chance. I reflect on how once, I was the shy apprehensive team member. I would listen to what others would tell me and work diligently on my portion of the project. As I continue to grow, I challenge myself and others to find their inner voice, to express their thoughts and ideas, and to demand equal attention in the group. My identities such as being a young minority woman once made me afraid to speak in a group setting. I wondered what others would think of me. I thought that I would be ostracized since I had different ideas than others but instead, I have learned how valuable it is. One of my favorite experiences this summer as an intern is being able to watch myself become a more independent and confident team member. I encourage everyone to harbor for their fellow interns/coworkers/peers a safe and loving environment in which they feel their opinion is valued and thoughts are valid. The opportunity for growth that this allows is tremendous. The challenge is to look at things from every perspective. To understand that people come from different walks of life and to ultimately see there is never one sure way of doing something. There are multiple ways. The beauty is not to find one simple way to do something but to understand the pros and cons of every method and utilizing the one that has the least (if any at all) cons.

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  • July 28, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    The benefits, and difficulties of teamwork are something that I’ve definitely learned a lot about in my internship as well. Your words on the more complex aspects of teamwork really spoke to me. That collaborative and supportive environment that you spoke about hasn’t been very present in my workplace, but I think these difficulties and bad experiences with others just teaches me how to be better for my future coworkers.


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