My Favorite Experience as an Intern This Summer.

As an intern in the Dana Building, I am excited because I have been given the opportunity to fit in just like the other students who have their feet planted firmly as if they were born to be a part of the community with-in Dana. I feel as though I too have managed to find my place here.
My most memorable experience as an intern for Daniel Katz is the time we spent walking through campus. As we walked we talked extensively about all the different species of vegetation which grows in and around campus. We however focused primarily on the trees in which Dr. Katz planned his research around. While the two of us talked I began to gain a better understanding of each of the species along with the variations of the species. I could visually see reasons why there are variations in species. There are so many causes variation and while walking along I began to think more critically about the research I was conduction.
It is important as a researcher to be able to visualize protocol and experiments. As I complete my work and move closer to beginning an independent study of my own I have a better understanding of collaboration and critical thinking. I am blessed to be paired up with Dr. Katz, he has extended to me patience and understanding which gives me a since of calm. It is important for me to remain calm because I have issues with anxiety. Dr. Katz is a constant reminder for me that the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science and Arts is helping me build the skills I will need to develop into a well-rounded researcher, and I appreciate everything that this internship is helping me to become.

Victoria B

Through many classes and professors at community college, I learned about a wide range of topics from College Algebra, to English, to Biology, to Art. It was not until my Junior year at the University of Michigan, that I realized one very important topic was not covered: Sustainability. Through middle school and high school, the subject of sustainability never came up. The University of Michigan has a reputation of being an institution that promotes Sustainable Practices and yet I know very little about sustainability. How will I find my place at an institution which actively participates in a practice, I know very little about? Is it because of demographics? Why do some children receive education on sustainability and others do not?

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