Obstacles | #4

As an intern for both the Research & Development and Marketing departments, a lot of my time is spent between both departments and assisting however I can. One of the main obstacles that I have faced over this internship is juggling multiple tasks and making sure each assignment is done well and to the best of my ability. I definitely have to make sure that I don’t get frustrated when I’m in the middle of one task and extremely focused on it and then yet another pressing task gets dropped off. It makes it even more of an obstacle when an assignment is dropped off without any instructions and I have to be resourceful in order to figure out what’s needed. However, I know that this is teaching me valuable multi-tasking and time management skills as well as enforcing the idea of not rushing in order to just get something done. It’s taught me to stay in a relaxed mindset in order to complete multiple assignments well and on time. This obstacle has also made me more confident in asking questions and approaching supervisors so that I don’t get stuck on an assignment or complete it incorrect

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