Office Party (again a few weeks late to post)

Earlier in the week I had been invited to an office party. It was the eighth anniversary of the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 Ost, which I thought was really cool because it meant that climate change in Bremerhaven has been a focal point for a while now, considering the building was under construction for many years as well. Anyway, I was a little reluctant to go to the party because I was feeling under the weather and just very tired after a few days of work in a foreign country. However, I decided to go, and it was definitely a great decision.

The party was located on top of the Klimahaus, on its deck terrace. It was a really beautiful night out. The temperature was very nice, it was not too windy, and even the sun was out (which is a rarity in Bremerhaven). I got to meet other coworkers who I had not met before and I also had the opportunity to get to know the coworkers I did meet on a more personal level. We talked about a number of things. The main thing, however, was culture comparisons. I have found out that I really enjoy learning the little things about German culture, such as phrases or certain behaviors. I have also noticed that Germans really enjoy learning about American culture as well, especially one of my coworkers named Hannes. We have shared cultural phrases back and forth. I have shared with him phrases such as “Whatever floats your boat” and “It’s apples and oranges”. While he taught me German phrases which translate to “It’s all sausages to me” or “It’s a drop on the hot stone.” Sharing cultural similarities and differences has definitely been one of my favorite things about being in Germany so far. But back to the office party.

Probably about two hours in, the sunsets and it is really really beautiful. The sky was all sorts of colors and you could really get a great view of the harbor, which is a large part of Bremerhaven. Many people took pictures and it was a truly wonderful sight. Needless to say, I was very happy I went to the party. I had an experience that was very memorable and built more great relationships in the process.


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