Oh the Places You’ll Go


To start this blog off I think we should talk about where I am and how I got here. I am currently writing from a hotel room in Dallas, Tx. This is not the location of my internship and is certainly not the first or last time I will leave my temporary home in LA. As an incoming senior in the communications department I should be able to effectively blog my internship experience this summer. We will see how that goes! Let’s get into some background.

I am an aspiring sports broadcaster, to be specific, I’d like to one day work for a network like BTN, ESPN, SNY or Fox as an anchor or a sideline reporter. I’m not sure if it’s politically correct to list those companies because they are for sure not they only places I’d love to work but just to name a few. I’d also enjoy working with a team in their multimedia department something I got some experience with last summer, but currently I am not doing either. I am working with a sports agency covering their specific players closely, players who are stationed all over the world, literally. From Chicago to New York to Istanbul, Turkey, yeah I’ve pretty much been everywhere. This is such an unconventional internship and thats what I believe drew me to it. I’ll get some experience this summer that I wouldn’t anywhere else. I truly already have experienced so many things through my internship. I plan on sharing some photos as I constantly blog the rest of my experience. I knew that I’d love this opportunity but who would’ve thought I’d go to New York, Dallas and ISTANBUL, TURKEY. Stay tuned to see all of the places I may go. Oh the places she may go!

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