Program Schedule | #2

This week in our meetings, we had compiled a list of all the applicants that applied to our program and began holding phone interviews with each individual student. The phone interviews helped us to try and narrow down the large pool of applicants to the number that was accommodating for our program. We then discussed each of the remaining applicants to find out which were the best fit for our program and who would be able to benefit the most out of it. This is a very hard process for us, especially for the ones of us who have gone through the program and experienced first-hand what a huge help the program was for us. In an ideal world, we would want to be able to accept every student that applies to our program.

When we had finally got through that process, we then had to move on to begin finalizing the complete 4 day schedule for the program. We spent multiple hours going back and forth with ideas of events and activities that we felt the students needed to participate in while they were here. We compiled a list of administrators/faculty that we were going to reach out to and see if they were available at different times throughout the program to meet with the students and speak to them. We wanted to make sure that the students get the most out of their time here, especially those who were visiting the University for the first time. We are trying to create as memorable and beneficial an experience as we can for them.

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