What have I learned about DC?

DC is one of the most passionate cities I’ve ever been to, and I don’t know how else to describe it. This may just be because I have more time to people watch, which is something I rarely do in cities I call home (Ann Arbor & Atlanta), but it seems like people in DC are more forthright about their opinions & desires, which I see as being passionate about everything they stand up for. Whether it’s politics or just their love for their job, it seems like no one really “half-asses” anything, which I have so much respect for!

Would I return to this city? Yes. Very much yes! I feel like being surrounded by these types of people will only influence me in a good way, as I think I’d become more passionate. When I compare it College Park, MD, which is where I’m living and to other parts of MD that I’ve been to, the passion of the people who work/live in DC becomes so much more apparent. I’d love to get the opportunity to actually live in DC and work in DC. I’m only able to people watch and explore DC on weekday evenings or weekend mornings, so I’d love to explore the city more before I leave!

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