Working in Ann Arbor | #2

Although I’ve attended the University of Michigan for the past two years, I had never spent the summer months in Ann Arbor. My internship this summer is located on campus, so for its duration I’ve been living in the city, and honestly, I love it! The college town has a different feel to it in the summer, and I’m really happy that I have been able to experience it. There is always something going on and the warm weather is a welcomed change to the cold and dreary months that I’m used to during the school terms.

My lab is located in East Hall, a building that I was already familiar with having taken classes in multiple rooms in my academic career. However, living in the city for work has allowed me to explore more of Ann Arbor in the evenings and weekends, as I have had much more free time to go out. And, as I said above, not having to trudge through snow and cold makes walking around the city much more enjoyable.

My favorite things to do in Ann Arbor during the summer months have been trying out different restaurants, hammocking in the arb, and attending the many different festivals and fairs that are always lining the streets. There are so many different and diverse restaurants, and even though it feels like I’ve been to a lot of them, there are still a lot I haven’t been to! The arboretum is a place that I had been to before, however, I’ve been able to spend more time finding the perfect little nooks to string up my hammock and post up with a good book on lazy Sunday afternoons. And finally, it feels like there is always something going on in the streets of the city – whether its the Art Fair or live music or some other festival. I love that if there was ever a day I was bored I could just walk downtown and find something going on.

I’ve really enjoyed living and working in Ann Arbor for during the summer. Even though campus was already felt like my second home, I now feel like I have a deeper connection to the city and know more about everything Ann Arbor has to offer.

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