Blog #3: What has surprised you most about your internship?

One thing that has surprised me a lot about my internship is the work environment my office is in. My past experiences in professional settings have been exactly that: what you would expect an office to look like, and how an office interacts. I would bring my own lunch, mainly eat my own lunch at the desk, grab a coffee from the coffee machine, and sit at my desk doing my work, mainly alone.

However, this summer, my office is located in a WeWork Building. It offers a completely different and innovative vibe than anything I have ever experienced prior. Every office cubicle is made up of floor to ceiling windows, so even though everyone has a door for privacy and quiet, it creates a more open and welcoming atmosphere than typical cubicles do. In addition, there are really trendy/inviting lobbies on each floor, so oftentimes people will choose to leave their “cubicles” to go work in the lobby for a few hours. What I love about this is that even if you get antsy in your cubicle all day, you have the opportunity to change up your pace, and relax a bit in a different open space.

In addition to the overall atmosphere of the office, WeWorks offer a ton of other cool benefits. Dogs are allowed in the building (which is always refreshing to see them during the day). There are cold brew taps and green tea matcha taps to offer endless supplies. There are two beer taps on every floor, giving the opportunity for some fun post-work hangouts. And, every week a food company will come into the office and offer free dishes for us to try. So far there have been sandwiches, frozen yogurt with a topping bar, yogurt for the morning, juices, etc. It’s a really fun aspect that makes everyone super excited!

After talking to my boss, she mentioned that WeWorks are really common for start-ups, and it definitely makes sense. The atmosphere is fun, innovative, open, and different than any other office I’ve experienced. It’s definitely something to consider down the line: what kind of office space am I looking for? Which atmosphere will make me most creative and productive? I’m really happy I got the chance to experience a different type of work environment this summer, and am looking forward to seeing which direction it leads me in while looking for jobs post-graduation!

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